Welcome to Compostella. Specialized on 100% compostable bioplastics and natural papers we are your partners for the new packaging generation of ecological and organic stores. Day by day more and more people like our products.
There are 2 categories: COMPOSTELLA Bioplastics and COMPOSTELLA natural papers.

COMPOSTELLA bioplastics are based on European corn starch from non-GMO cultivation with 100% biodegradable biopolymers. From this material we produce fruit bags and carrier bags with high tensile strength.  Read more...

COMPOSTELLA natural papers  are brown papers for foodstuffwhich do not contain any chemical additives. The papers are greaseproof and can be wasted in home compost where they behave like the leafs of the trees.

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COMPOSTELLA stands for 100% compostable packagings made from bioplastic and natural paper