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COMPOSTELLA bioplastics have a very pleasant haptic touch. Especially clients of organic wholefood and healthfood shops are showing high customer acceptance of this new packaging material.   Compostella bioplastics have a surprising tensile strength of 4 kgs (fruit bags) and and 8 kgs (carrier bags). Due to the fact that the bags are water proof for a certain time, they are very good to separate and keeping organic kitchen waste before putting them into the home compost together with the waste inside.   Dog owners like the good properties of COMPOSTELLA as well. They collect the bags and have them available during their doggy walk.   Also gardeners are using the bags as plant trays for flowers, bushes and smaller trees. Filling the bags with the plant and potting soil, it works quickly and easy to put the complete set into the ground. Quick, clean and properly!
COMPOSTELLA stands for 100% compostable packagings made from bioplastic and natural paper