Why Compostella natural brown paper?

COMPOSTELLA natural brown paper is greaseproof

There are many papers on the market which are greaseproof as well, but COMPOSTELLA`s greaseproof is not based on silicone coating or any other chemical treatment. COMPOSTELLA`s grease proof is instead made by high pressure (ironing process). The paper is the logical addition in natural  and organic food stores for sausage, cheese, bread, smoked fish and pastries . COMPOSTELLA natural brown paper is also very popular as sandwich wrap.

COMPOSTELLA natural brown paper is heat resistant

Bags and sheets made from COMPOSTELLA natural brown paper are an easy solution to keep the oven clean from fat splashes. Just put the food into a paper bag or wrap it with care in sheets of paper. Then heat the oven up to 200°C.

COMPOSTELLA natural brown paper is free of taste and smell

Due to its high purity, COMPOSTELLA natural brown paper does not transfer any smell or taste on foodstuff. Compared to pizza boxes, COMPOSTELLA has no inherent smell which could interfere the quality of food.

COMPOSTELLA natural brown paper can breathe

When “ironing” the paper by hot stainless steel cylinders the pores of the papers will be pressed but not closed. This effects that the pores of the paper are still open so that the paper can breathe. However, the pores are so small that the aroma of the product remains inside and does not diffuse to outside.

Slow Food: COMPOSTELLA natural brown paper can replace cling film

A well known chef de la cuisine of a German Slow-Food-Restaurant has found out that COMPOSTELLA natural brown paper can easily replace plastic cling film. Just wet the paper under water, press it out and unfold it. Then cling around the edge of a dish  - ready! The food inside the dish remains appetizing and keeps the fresh taste, even after days. The wet paper gives humidity to the food and the food gives humidity to the paper.
COMPOSTELLA stands for 100% compostable packagings made from bioplastic and natural paper