Fully natural floristry paper

Fully natural pure cellulose paper from renewable resource
Without any chemical additives
Entirely compostable
Semi transparent
Ecologically valuable
Pleasant touch
Water compatible
For creative floristry

Available in rolls of 500 meters in length, roll width 50 cm, Core Ø 70 mm. Accessories: Practical dispenser for wall and table made of sturdy sheet steel, painted light gray.

Price on request

Pure cellulose paper from European thinnings, obtained during the forest management. It is unbleached and contains no chemical additives. The paper is produced by a little paper mill in Germany. During production it receives its velvety surface by heat and high pressure as the paper is strongly pressed from both sides. Also the gloss is not effected by painting, coating or impregnation, just by a pure mechanical "ironing" process.   The paper scores with his complete naturalness. It is as natural as the plants are packed in it,they also consist of pure cellulose. As a result, the paper can be wasted after usage in the compost or in the waste bin. Since the paper is a time waterproof, it can be kept for storing finished tied Bouquets in water vessels without soften the same. For the creative floristry Compostella-paper is a popular stylistic device that makes ecological sense, since it almost borders on zero packing.