Klebio is the new generation of adhesive tape. It is made from renewable raw materials and is fully biodegradable. The basefilm of Klebio is bioplastic, which is made from vegetable oil. The oil plants used are from European agriculture which are guaranteed free of GMO (gene manipulated organism). Controversial palm and soya oils are not contained.



Klebio is made from bioplastic which is made by biorefining from vegetable oil.
  Klebio is versatile in view of wasting. The compostable adhesive tape can be wasted together with paper, plastic and even with organic compost. Don`t have a bad feeling anymore if you put adhesive tape together with cardboard into the paper waste bin. Klebio is biodegradable and dissolves during recycling process.


No bad feeling anymore if you put carton boxes with Klebio adhesive tape into the paper waste.
Klebio is easily removeable from all subsurfaces without trace.

Klebios adhesive coating has good glueing properties. It is semi transparent and in direct contact with the subsurface it changes to full transparency. Special advantage: Klebio is easily to remove from all subsurfaces without trace. It can even be multiple used like a post-it paper note. Just stick and remove it!

This material is certified by DIN EN 13432.

Klebio makes sense. Especially for labels of compostable fruits and vegetables.

The new tape is available in rolls of 50 mm width on 3“-cores. Sales unit: 6 rolls per carton box. Industrial applications are possible as well, especially multiple color printings or 2-side adhesive confections.

Klebio does not need a dispenser anymore. It can easily torn-off by hand, but it works with a dispenser as well.


Klebio is easy to tear-off by hand

Klebio contains no animal ingredients, it is therefore vegan.




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