What is COMPOSTELLA bioplastics made?

COMPOSTELLA bioplastics are made from biopolymers and corn starch and are fully made from renewable raw material.

The used material are fully compostable according DIN EN 13432 in industrial composters and even in home composters.

The corn used is based on maize starch which is guaranteed from European agriculture without genetically modified organism (GMO-free).

OK-Home-Compost-Certification   Certification

COMPOSTELLA products are certified according DIN EN 13432 for 100% compostable properties. As such they are also approved for the OK-Home-Compost logo.

Under good compost conditions (warmth and humidity) it takes about 90 days until Compostella fruit bags are fully composted. For the carrier bags it takes about 180 days or 6 months.
COMPOSTELLA is the brand name for fully biodegradable packagings made from bioplastics and natural paper