What is COMPOSTELLA natural paper?

COMPOSTELLA natural brown paper is a very clean special paper which is made from unbleached natural brown cellulose and does not contain any chemical additives. The components of the paper are only cellulose, water and sugar.  On its surface the paper has absolutely no treatment by impregnation, silicone, lacquer or anything else. The smooth and glossy surface is a result of “ironing” which is a mechanical process made by high pressure with hot stainless steel cylinders.

COMPOSTELLA`s cellulose is FSC-certified which says that the wood for the cellulose has been selected according tree care by responsible forest management, not by tree felling. Moreover, the forest management does also include the environmental and social standards which belong to the certification process.

COMPOSTELLA natural brown paper does not contain any recycling material from unknown sources. Generally, recycling paper may not come into direct contact with food.

Due to the high compression of the paper fabrics, the micropores of the paper do not lose their breathable properties. There is an automatical air-/humidity exchange process which effects that the paper can take up and absorb humidity. It is more or less impossible that food packed with COMPOSTELLA natural brown paper will go mouldy.
COMPOSTELLA stands for 100% compostable packagings made from bioplastic and natural paper