The Areca Palm which is widespread in the Far East Areca has pinnate leaves with a length of 2 meters. These palm leaves are waterproof and flexible so that they can be stamped and pressed into shapes under the influence of water vapor. Our Indian supplier is using these leaves since many years for making hygienic plates and bowls.They  are free of chemicals and fully compostable.

The following dishes we hold in our program:

Round plate, Ø 200 mm, height 30 mm   pack of 25 pieces
Square Plate, 170 x 170 mm, height 25 mm   pack of 25 pieces
Square Plate, 240 x 240 mm, height 35 mm   pack of 25 pieces
Rectangular Plate, 160 x 240 mm, height 30 mm   pack of 25 pieces
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   VE à 100 Sets
The leaves of the Areca Palm provide us with an inherently stable and pliable material that can be punched well. They are odorless, water and heat resistant. First, the sheets are carefully sorted and washed thoroughly before converting. After the subsequent punching operation they are shaped under high pressure at 180 ° C.   It's called disposable tableware but can certainly be used more than once, because the surface of the dishes can be washed and reused. The dishes are light and inexpensive, each piece is unique. In addition, it can easily be composted after use, ideal for ecologically oriented caterers and festivities.