Klebio Adhesive Tape

From now on, paper and cardboard no longer need to be separated from their adhesive tapes before disposal. This is because “Klebio” can be disposed of with the waste paper. It dissolves completely during the recycling process and can be processed into fresh recycled paper together with the waste paper.

Roll 50 mm width, 50 meters length / 3-inch sleeve
Packaging unit: 8 rolls
(4 x 2 rolls)

Roll 19 mm width, 10 meters length / 1-inch sleeve
Packaging unit: 40 rolls
(10 x 4 rolls)

Adhesive rolls fit on standard unwinders.

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Features & Benefits
The compostable adhesive has a high adhesive strength and is highly transparent. The advantage over conventional adhesive tape is that the adhesive can be separated from the roll by hand and can be detached from its substrate without leaving any residue. This allows it to be reused several times, similar to an adhesive note.
As an adhesive film, Klebio is also well suited for industrial use. Either for sealing packaging made of cardboard and foil, or as labels of all kinds, especially for food.

The new adhesive tape is available as standard on wide (50 mm) and narrow (19 mm) rolls. The wide rolls have a running length of 50 m and are wound on 3 inch cores. The narrow rolls have a running length of 10 m and are wound on 1 inch cores. All Klebio rolls fit on the usual unwinders.

Special designs
Special designs, e.g. as double-sided adhesive tape, are possible on request, as are printed designs.

It is produced from renewable raw materials and is completely biodegradable. The carrier material consists of bio foil, which is obtained from cellulose, i.e. pure wood. Its biodegradability is certified according to DIN EN 13432. The wood used for Klebio comes from certified forest management and certified wood.

Cardboard boxes glued with conventional plastic adhesive tape have no place in paper waste. They require time-consuming separation and disrupt the paper recycling process.
Klebio, on the other hand, means disposal diversity: The compostable adhesive tape can be fed into any disposal system – paper waste, residual waste, plastic waste and even compost!

Klebio is printed with the word “compostable”.

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