Wooden Slotted Sticks

The 11 cm long wooden slotted beech wood sticks do not need a metal spiral spring. Made in Germany.

Wooden slotted sticks approx. 11 cm long, Ø approx. 1 cm
Packing unit: 10 pieces packed, 10 packs in carton

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Compostella paper bags can be closed plastic-free if the good old chopsticks with which our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used to fasten their laundry to the line are misused. Today, they are simply placed over the folded Compostella paper bag so that it remains well closed.
Speaking of misuse: The traditional wooden sticks are also very suitable for squeezing out tubes, if the tube ends are put through the slit and the tube is then gradually wrapped around the stick.

The slotted sticks are made entirely from certified beech wood, which comes mainly from German forests.

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