Composting instead of recycling

All packaging will be disposed of at some point in the future. Some are incinerated, others are recycled, far too few are composted.
At COMPOSTELLA, we focus on composting because, in our opinion, recycling is not the best solution, but only an extension of the life cycle – because in the end, the recycled packaging is also incinerated.
Composting is the logical and natural form of disposal. However, it only works if the packaging consists of natural and renewable raw materials. Then they disintegrate into their raw materials and close the natural disposal cycle. This is how nature intended it.
If you also rely on the philosophy of composting, you will like our products. Your customers will also thank you if you use materials that are in harmony with nature.

On 26.11.2018, our COMPOSTELLA Natural Paper was awarded the German Ecodesign Prize in the product category!
Federal Prize Ecodesign Winner 2018
Federal Ecodesign Prize awarded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Federal Environment Agency

Managing Director Arnold Schleier was awarded the Federal Prize Ecodesign 2018 in the product category by Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze for the 1 for 4 paper.
@BMU/Felix Zahn / Image Source: © Kühnapfel Fotografie


The award-winning COMPOSTELLA natural paper is available as 1 for 4-paper household roll, as delicatessen paper, as 1 for 4 bags and as natural paper bags.