Shopping Bags

COMPOSTELLA shopping bags are manufactured on the basis of maize starch, are fully compostable and have a carrying capacity of up to 4 kg.

Knot bag 27 x 18 x 50 cm 
Packaging unit: 1,000 bags, 10 rolls à 100 bags per carton

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Shopping bags based on corn starch are particularly suitable for larger purchases. They are made of the same material as our fruit and vegetable bags and have a carrying capacity of up to 4 kg. Many organic shops, farm shops, health food shops, supermarkets and market stalls already know the advantages of COMPOSTELLA shopping bags and offer them in their shops for take-away and sale.

Custom-made Product
Printing according to your wishes is of course possible. For monochrome printing according to your wishes, the minimum purchase is 1 pallet (approx. 30 sales units).


COMPOSTELLA bioplastics consist of biopolymers and maize starch and are produced almost entirely on the basis of renewable raw materials. The materials used are compostable according to DIN EN 13432 in industrial composting plants and even in home compost. The maize used for this comes exclusively from guaranteed GMO-free cultivation of European origin!

COMPOSTELLA bioplastics are “OK-Home-Compost”-certified and bear the compostability logo. Under good composting conditions (heat and humidity) it takes about 14-21 days for COMPOSTELLA fruit bags to completely rot.

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