Grill and Firelighters

Our Biokema grill lighters are small paper bags (light pads) coated with the above-mentioned wax and filled with hay and straw waste inside.
Ideal for fireplace, BBQ, wood stoves and fireplaces. They are simply mixed under the charcoal when grilling or used in the oven as wood lighters. The burning time is 7-10 minutes each.

Barbecue and firelighters / 6 boxes of 60 pads in a carton / 360 pcs.
Barbecue and firelighters / 24 boxes of 25 pads in a carton / 600 pcs.

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What actually happens to the oils and fats that accumulate after use in restaurants, canteens, snack bars, hamburger stores, etc.?
They go into so-called grease separators and are regularly collected by specialist disposal companies.

In Fulda, Hesse, there is the company Biokema, which operates a small biorefinery in Thuringia. The company specialises in cleaning these residual fats and oils from the food industry and using them for a second use under the Biokema brand name: as recycled wax for tea lights, candles, barbecue lighters, etc.

Combustion is CO2-neutral, because Biokema does not process petroleum-based fats or the palm oils that have come under criticism.

– Free from paraffin and petroleum
– Filled with chopped hay and straw
– Free from palm, soya and rapeseed oil
– Made from used cooking fats
– Long burning time
– Low smoke
– Low odour
– Made in Germany
– Cooperation partner: NABU

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Grill- und Feueranzünder / 6 Schachteln à 60 Pads / 360 Stück, Grill- und Feueranzünder / 24 Schachteln à 25 Pads / 600 Stück

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