Compostella Natural Paper

A high-purity, unbleached special paper, which is produced completely without chemical additives. It can be composted without residues, because the paper consists of pure cellulose and behaves like lettuce during composting. Compostella uncoated paper is pressed by hot steel rollers during the production process, giving it its silky gloss, natural grease density and heat resistance. This is guaranteed to contain no recycled material and is therefore intended for direct contact with food.

What is COMPOSTELLA Natural Paper made of?

COMPOSTELLA Natural Paper is a high-purity special paper made from unbleached, natural brown cellulose. It contains no chemical additives and is neither coated, varnished nor impregnated. The paper is made exclusively from cellulose, water and sugar.

The grease density of COMPOSTELLA Natural Paper is created by the mechanical production process of supercalendering. The paper passes through hot steel rollers, where it is extremely tightly compressed and highly compressed. The high density of the material means that the pores of the paper are reduced in size but not closed. The paper therefore remains “open-pored” and breathable.


The pulp for COMPOSTELLA Natural Paper is certified and states that the wood used to make the cellulose comes from thinnings in responsibly managed forests. This also includes the environmental and social standards applicable to forest management.

COMPOSTELLA Natural Paper is guaranteed to contain no recycled paper of unknown origin and is therefore expressly approved for direct contact with foodstuffs.


COMPOSTELLA Natural Paper is greaseproof
COMPOSTELLA Natural Paper in bags or wrapping paper is ideal for packaging and storing sausage, cheese, bread, smoked fish, fatty pastries at home or behind the refrigerated counter. Also very popular as sandwich paper or for travel provisions.

COMPOSTELLA Natural Paper is heat resistant
Simply pack food prepared in the oven in COMPOSTELLA bags or wrapping paper and heat – the paper reliably protects the cooking chamber from soiling by grease splashes. If the paper is well greased, it can even be used as baking paper.

COMPOSTELLA Natural Paper is odourless and tasteless
COMPOSTELLA Natural Paper is completely odourless and tasteless due to its high purity. Unlike a pizza box, for example, it has no natural odour which it transfers to the packaged food and thus impairs its taste.

COMPOSTELLA Natural Paper is breathable and aroma-proof
COMPOSTELLA Natural Paper is open-pored so that the packaged food can breathe freely. With its balanced air and moisture balance, the paper can also absorb or release moisture in the refrigerator depending on the environment – mould formation in the food is practically impossible.

COMPOSTELLA Natural Paper – the alternative to cling film
COMPOSTELLA Natural Paper keeps sausages, cheese, fish and bread appetisingly fresh and open meals longer. Practical application tip from a Slow Food chef: Use COMPOSTELLA Natural Paper as an alternative to cling film! Simply drench the paper like a cloth under the tap, squeeze out the water, unfold and spread over the edge of the bowl. The paper nestles against the bowl like cling film and ensures the appetizing freshness of the food leftovers stored in the container!


COMPOSTELLA natural paper was awarded the German Ecodesign Award 2018 in the product category.

Compostella Bioplastics

The basic material of our bioplastics is European maize starch from guaranteed GMO-free cultivation. It is the material MaterBi of the Italian manufacturer Novamont. We use it to make fruit and vegetable bags as well as carrier bags with an amazingly high tear resistance.

What are COMPOSTELLA bioplastics made of?

COMPOSTELLA bioplastics consist of biopolymers and maize starch and are produced almost entirely on the basis of renewable raw materials. The materials used are compostable according to DIN EN 13432 in industrial composting plants and even in home compost. The maize used for this comes exclusively from guaranteed GMO-free cultivation of European origin!


COMPOSTELLA bioplastics are “OK-Home-Compost”-certified and bear the compostability logo. Under good composting conditions (heat and humidity) it takes about 14-21 days for COMPOSTELLA fruit bags to completely rot.


COMPOSTELLA bioplastics have a pleasant feel and are highly accepted by customers in ecologically oriented specialist shops and in selected natural and delicatessen shops.

With their amazingly high tear strength of 4 kg (fruit bags), products made of COMPOSTELLA bioplastics have an important secondary benefit: COMPOSTELLA fruit bags are waterproof for a while, so they are well suited for separate collection of organic kitchen waste before being thrown away, before being fed into the compost or organic waste bin together with their contents.

Dog owners also appreciate the good properties of COMPOSTELLA fruit bags: As a collection container for the legacies, you always have them with you and always ready to hand when you need them when you go for a walk.