Delicatessen Paper

COMPOSTELLA delicatessen paper is our alternative to film. It replaces cling film, aluminium foil, wrapping foil and silicone-coated baking paper. The paper is greaseproof, heat-resistant up to 200°C, chemical-free and thus completely compostable. Food packed in delicatessen paper remains appetizingly fresh, is breathable and practically never moulds. COMPOSTELLA delicatessen paper is available in different sheet sizes or rolls.

1/4 sheet: 375 x 500 mm, packaging unit: 1,000 sheets
1/8 sheets: 250 x 375 mm, packaging unit: 1,000 sheets
1/16 sheets: 187 x 250 mm, packaging unit: 2,000 sheets
Roll à 50 cm width, 500 meter running length, sleeve Ø 70 mm

For the first order we recommend to also order a wooden box. The refill pack is sufficient for reorders.

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Properties and Application
COMPOSTELLA delicatessen paper is our ecological answer to plastic foil, aluminium foil and silicone-coated baking paper. The completely natural paper contains NO chemistry, NO plasticizers, NO silicone, NO plastic coating, NO impregnation, NO lacquering.

COMPOSTELLA delicatessen paper consists of nothing but pure cellulose. These ingredients are processed into paper in a small German paper mill and then pressed extremely firmly by hot steel rollers. This creates the natural fat density, heat resistance and breathability of the unique paper.

COMPOSTELLA natural delicatessen paper is particularly popular in natural food shops, organic supermarkets and delicatessen shops, as well as in weekly markets, farm shops and unpackaged shops, and with subscription suppliers. It is mainly used as wrapping paper for sausage, cheese, bread, smoked fish and fatty pastries.

Our COMPOSTELLA natural paper = delicatessen paper was awarded the German Ecodesign Award 2018 and is also available as 1 for 4-paper household roll, as 1 for 4 bags and as natural paper bags.




The cellulose of the paper comes exclusively from European thinning wood, which accumulates during forest management. Forest clearing or deforestation are guaranteed to be excluded.
A sheet of delicatessen paper is comparable to a sheet of organic salad, and the same applies to composting: it decomposes into its natural components.
The natural brown paper is intended for direct contact with food and has a very high purity. It is therefore free from recycled paper of unknown origin. The paper is completely odourless and tasteless, i.e. it has no inherent odour that could be transferred to the food.

By the way, the silk-matt glossy surface does not come from varnishing or impregnation – it is produced during the pressing process by hot steel rollers (calendering), i.e. purely mechanically.

Food wrapped in COMPOSTELLA delicatessen paper practically never gets mouldy, as the paper is breathable and allows a constant exchange of air and moisture.

The special feature of the paper, however, is that it is soft when wet and can be used as an ecological alternative to cling film. For example, opened food and leftovers remain fresh and appetising longer if the storage containers are covered with moist COMPOSTELLA delicatessen paper and kept fresh.
Aluminium foil can also be replaced with COMPOSTELLA delicatessen paper to save resources. Since the paper is greaseproof and heat-resistant, there are many ways to save or completely replace aluminium foil.

And this is how it’s done: Simply hold the paper under the tap, wet it vigorously, squeeze out the water, carefully unfold it again and stretch it over the bowl or edge of the pot in a moist state. The paper clings to the edge of the dish and protects the contents from drying out.

100% compostable: COMPOSTELLA natural paper is a pure natural material and may be disposed of after using the green or brown garbage can and garden compost. Decay period approx. 12-14 days.

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1/4 sheet 37.5 x 50 cm / 1.000 sheets, 1/8 sheets 25 x 37.5 cm / 1.000 sheets, 1/16 sheets 18.7 x 25 cm / 2.000 sheets, roll 500 meters


With wooden box, Refill, Width 50 cm

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