Gift Wrapping Paper

COMPOSTELLA gift wrapping paper is a pure cellulose paper that is completely free of chemical additives and therefore completely compostable. It consists of the renewable raw material wood from which the cellulose is made. Even the printing ink of the timeless print motif “Red Leaves” is extracted from plant extracts and decomposes to earth in the compost. The ecologically valuable paper has a rough surface and is far too good to be used only once.

250 m roll, 50 cm wide, red
Packaging unit: 1 roll in carton

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COMPOSTELLA wrapping paper is different from other wrapping paper. You can tell when you roll it out: While other wrapping papers buckle back after unrolling, COMPOSTELLA remains flat on the table. No wonder: COMPOSTELLA is produced slowly and lovingly, it leaves the paper factory not as a mass product but as a unique piece.

Custom-made Product
On request we print the gift wrap paper with your motifs. Prices on request


COMPOSTELLA gift wrapping paper consists of nothing but pure cellulose without any chemical additives. This makes it comparable to a leaf of organic salad, which also consists of pure cellulose and does not require chemicals. The paper behaves in the same way in waste: it decomposes into its natural components and becomes earth again in compost.

Printing Ink
The printing ink comes from renewable raw materials, is made from plant extract and according to strict ecological standards. In Germany we did not find such a consistent ink manufacturer, only a Swiss company was able to meet our high expectations. With the natural printing ink, our COMPOSTELLA gift wrap paper is now also completely compostable in printed form.

With a complex print design we cannot serve due to the strict specifications of the maximum printed area. We limit ourselves to 1-sided printing with only 1 printing ink. The design of the timeless paper was created by the graphic designer Rita Lauckner. We leave the creative design of the gift packaging to you, for example with cord, bast or coconut fibres as a gift ribbon.

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