Wooden Cutlery

Our wooden cutlery consists of knives, forks, spoons and dessert spoons. Cutlery length approx. 16 cm, dessert spoon 12 cm.

Fork, 100 pieces
Knives, 100 pieces
Spoon, 100 pieces
Dessert spoon, 100 pieces
Set of 4, 400 pieces

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COMPOSTELLA wooden cutlery is completely tasteless and odourless, the knives even have a perforation with which even larger pieces of meat can be conveniently cut.

Our wooden cutlery is preferably made of poplar or birch wood.
 Following the production process, the wood is even machine-polished so that the comfort of eating is maintained and the food does not stick to the cutlery.

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fork, 100 pieces, knife, 100 pieces, spoon, 100 pieces, dessert spoon, 100 pieces, set of 4 pieces, 400 pieces

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