Natural Wax Paper

COMPOSTELLA natural wax paper is the ideal packaging for sausage, cheese, ham, fruit, vegetables and leftovers. Thanks to its wafer-thin and compostable natural wax coating, it does not become greasy or moist. COMPOSTELLA natural wax paper is available in the following versions:

1/4 sheets, 37.5 x 50 cm, packaging unit: 1,000 sheets
1/8 sheets, 25 x 37,5 cm, packaging unit: 1.000 sheets

roll à 50 cm width, 500 meter running length, sleeve Ø 70 mm
roll à 30 cm width, 500 meter running length, sleeve Ø 70 mm


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COMPOSTELLA natural wax paper is a further development of COMPOSTELLA delicatessen paper. While the delicatessen paper does not have a coating and is “only” greaseproof, natural wax paper has a wafer-thin carnauba wax coating so that even moist foods such as smoked fish, cooked ham, goat cheese, etc. can be packaged in completely natural material and stored well.
Conventional waxed papers, such as those used as wrapping papers in butcher’s shops, fish shops or cheese counters, usually have a wax coating of paraffin. However, paraffin wax is a petroleum product and petroleum products contradict our sustainability approach. For this reason, COMPOSTELLA Natural Wax Paper consists exclusively of renewable raw materials and is therefore completely compostable.
Carnauba wax is a pure food wax and completely harmless to health.

COMPOSTELLA natural wax paper at a glance
from renewable raw materials
completely natural, purely vegetable
residue-free compostable
can be used on both sides
free of chemicals
free of silicone, paraffin and petroleum oils
German quality product

You should be aware of that: Do not use COMPOSTELLA natural wax paper as baking paper, as the coating melts at higher temperatures and the baking tray can become dirty. As baking paper we recommend our 1 for 4 paper.

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1/4 sheet 37.5 x 50 cm / 1.000 sheets, 1/8 sheet 25 x 37.5 cm / 1.000 sheets, roll 500 meters


With wooden box, Refill, Width 50 cm, Width 30 cm

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