Floristry Paper

Completely natural cellulose paper from renewable raw material
Without any chemical additives
Residue-free compostable
Discreetly transparent
Ecologically valuable
Pleasant to the touch
Well tolerated by water
Stylistically versatile

500 m roll, 50 cm wide, tube Ø 70 mm
500 m roll, 75 cm wide, tube Ø 70 mm
Packaging unit: 1 roll in carton

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Features & Benefits
The fine paper has a very pleasant feel and is used in ecologically oriented florists as a natural packaging material and stylistic medium for bouquets, containers and bouquets.
As the paper is waterproof for a while, it can of course also be stored in water containers without softening immediately for the storage of ready-bound bouquets.
Although the natural brown paper is wafer-thin, it is still amazingly tear-resistant. On both sides it has a silky glossy surface and subtle transparency, so that the beauty of the packaged flower arrangement can already be seen from the outside.

Custom-made Product
The paper can also be printed individually on request. For this paper we use plant based inks. Prices on request


The new COMPOSTELLA floristic paper is a completely natural paper. It is made of pure, unbleached cellulose and contains no chemical additives.
The two-sided silky-matt glossy surface is not created by varnishing, coating or impregnation, but by a purely mechanical process in which the paper is pressed extremely hard and “ironed” from both sides.

The paper is completely compostable and can be disposed of after use either with the waste paper or with the organic waste in the compost.


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Floristikpapier 500 m Rolle / 50 cm breit, Floristikpapier 500 m Rolle / 75 cm breit

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