Cosycat is fragrance-free, smells pleasantly natural and binds obtrusive odours. That’s why not only cats love it, but also cat owners. Cosycat is triple good: good for the environment, good for the consumer, good for cats. Cosycat is available in practical 10-litre paper bags with carrying handles.

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Wood fibres can absorb about twice their weight in moisture. Thanks to a special manufacturing process, the German manufacturer has succeeded in increasing the absorbency of Cosycat sevenfold. The wood comes from sustainably managed forests, it is certified and fully compostable.

Cosycat consists of pure wood fibres, which are processed into granulate and screened and dedusted during the production process. The pleasantly soft grain is light and therefore easy to transport. Each time it is used, only a few fibres are bound in lumps, which makes the litter very economical. The natural composition of the antibacterial material allows disposal both in industrial composting and in smaller quantities in your own toilet or garden compost.