Fruit & Vegetable Bags

COMPOSTELLA fruit and vegetable bags are made from maize starch and are fully compostable. All bags are wrapped on tubes, perforated and easy to tear off. Printed with product information, compost logo and certificate number.

Knot bag 20 x 12 x 44 cm
Packaging unit: 2,000 bags
, 20 rolls à 100 bags per carton

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For demanding customers of health food shops, organic supermarkets and delicatessen shops, there is now an interesting alternative: compostable knot bags based on maize starch.

Custom-made Product
The individual printing of the bags is of course possible, offers on request. The minimum quantity for individually printed fruit and vegetable bags is approx. 60,000 pieces (1 pallet).


The practical fruit and vegetable bags are made from the Italian material “MaterBi”. It is based on European maize starch whose maize comes from guaranteed GMO-free cultivation. MaterBi is processed into bags under high quality standards in Germany.

With their amazingly high tear strength of 4 kg (fruit bags), the fruit and vegetable bags made of COMPOSTELLA bioplastic have an important secondary benefit: COMPOSTELLA fruit bags are waterproof for a while, so before being thrown away they are well suited for separate collection of organic kitchen waste, before they and their contents are allowed to migrate into the green or brown bin and even into the garden compost.

Dog owners also appreciate the good properties of COMPOSTELLA fruit bags: As a collection container for the legacies, you always have them with you and always ready to hand when you need them when you go for a walk.

Our maize starch products are fully compostable both in industrial composting plants and in garden compost. This has been certified by the Vincotte testing laboratory. Our products may therefore bear the OK-Home compost and the Keimling logo.

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