Stand-up Pouches

Compostella stand-up pouches are the ecological solution for the packaging of dry food, where either breathability or barrier properties are important.

Stand-up pouches breathable with heat-sealable coating: on request
stand-up pouches cellulose film laminated with barrier effect: on request

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If a breathable packaging material is sufficient for the packaged products, Compostella stand-up pouches are available in unbleached cellulose paper with a thinly applied compostable heat-sealable lacquer, so that the breathability of the paper is retained, but the pouch can be closed with a heat-sealing device.

Foodstuffs that need to be protected from spoilage for some time require a packaging material with barrier properties. For this we use our chemical-free, pure cellulose paper, which we coat with a cellulose film. This cellulose film consists mainly of renewable raw materials (cellulose), and was already used under the name Cellophane by our grandmothers to seal jars of homemade jam.

Whether coated with heat-sealing lacquer or laminated with cellulose film – Compostella stand-up pouches are compostable and may even be disposed of in small quantities in the garden compost.