Natural Cord

Pure natural cords made of hemp or linen/cotton are tear-resistant, robust, compostable and of course timeless.

Hemp cord (ball of hemp), 80 m, natural-coloured / 10 pieces in carton
Linen/ cotton cord set (spools), 80 m, red, green, brown/ 10 x 3 sets in a box

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Natural fibres are the raw material for very resistant textiles. Also natural cords made of hemp, linen and cotton convince by their many advantages.
Especially when wrapping gifts and parcels it is noticeable that the natural cord grips comfortably and does not slip when knotted.

We concentrate with our natural cords on the 80 m balls or spools, because they are the most common bundles and are the handiest. On request, there are many other sizes of packages and thread sizes available, which all have to be listed but would be a bit too far.

Hemp, for example, is extremely popular as a renewable raw material because of its complete usability. No herbicides are needed for growth because the plants shade the soil completely after a few days, so that no weeds can find light.

In addition, hemp produces more biomass than any other domestic crop, so it fits perfectly into our Compostella portfolio.

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