1 for 4 Paper Household

Instead of cling film, aluminium foil, wrapping film and silicone-coated baking paper, there is now a compostable, completely natural paper: COMPOSTELLA “1 for 4-paper”, awarded the German Ecodesign Prize 2018.

Household roll à 8 m, width: 38 cm
Packaging unit: 12 rolls in carton

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COMPOSTELLA delicatessen paper is now also available for the household – COMPOSTELLA “1 for 4-paper”. It replaces cling film, aluminium foil, baking paper and wrapping foil.

1. No more baking paper!
Greased with a little butter or margarine, COMPOSTELLA “1 for 4-Paper” is ideal as a natural alternative to silicone-coated baking paper. Simply tear off the desired paper length, place on the baking tray and grease with butter or margarine (important!), otherwise the cake or cookies may stick. The paper is heat-resistant up to 220° C, greaseproof, and of course completely compostable.

2. No more cling film!
Opened food and leftovers remain fresh and appetising for longer if the storage containers are covered with moist COMPOSTELLA 1 for 4-paper. And this is how it’s done: tear off the desired paper length, hold it under the tap, wet it vigorously, squeeze out the water again, carefully unfold it, and stretch it over the bowl or the edge of the pot in a moist state. The paper clings to the edge of the dish and protects the contents from drying out!

3. No more aluminium foil!
COMPOSTELLA 1 for 4-paper can now be used almost everywhere where aluminium foil was previously used. For example, baked potatoes can be cooked in the oven without aluminium foil. Simply tear off the desired paper length, hold it under the tap, wet it vigorously, squeeze out the water again, wrap the potatoes in the moist paper, put it in the oven – and that’s it! Also for fish, meat, poultry and vegetables. Wrap food in damp paper and cook.

4. No more wrapping foil!
Fatty foods such as sausage, cheese, smoked fish, etc. remain appetisingly fresh for longer when wrapped in COMPOSTELLA 1 for 4-paper. Due to a special manufacturing process, this naturally pure paper is both breathable and greaseproof, making mouldying of the wrapped food practically impossible. The paper is also tasteless and odourless, i.e. it has no inherent odour that could be transferred to the food it contains. Guaranteed free of recycled paper.


Our COMPOSTELLA 1 for 4-paper was awarded with the federal prize Ecodesign 2018 and is also available as delicatessen paper, as 1 for 4 bags and as uncoated paper bags.