Installation of artist group „Numen/ For Use“ uses Klebio

The international artist group “Numen/ For Use” has just completed an oversized art installation made of adhesive tape in the Moscow Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. The installation has several cavities and arms, and is even accessible from the inside. The special: The adhesive tape is a transparent material made of cellulose, i.e. wood, and is therefore compostable. The adhesive tape was developed by the Compostella based in Laubach/Hessen and brought to market under the brand name “Klebio”.

Numen/ For Use has been working together with Compostella for several years and has initiated and accompanied the development of the adhesive tape. Initially, no version was elastic or transparent enough to replace conventional plastic tapes, which broke and did not adhere sufficiently. Only recently has the process reached a stage that has the necessary formal and physical properties and even surpasses conventional plastic tapes.

The art installation “Tape Moscow” is the world premiere of a new generation of tape, made from renewable material of which decomposition becomes an integral part of the artwork. As such, it also participates in the Moscow art exhibition “Ecology as New Politics”, which deals with environmental strategies, policies and visions. The Moscow exhibition can be seen until the beginning of December.

Photo: Egor Slizyak, © Garage Museum of Contemporary Art